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MedYacht launched its boat brand in 2012 with the creation of the MED48, designed by French architect Gilles Vaton. Following its success, the MED48 will evolve in size and technical characteristics in 2014 , to create a new model: the MED52, which will replace the MED48 in the summer of 2016. The MED42 will complete the MED range in September 2021 and will make its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

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Yacht Builder MedYacht

Yacht Builder MedYacht

MED boats, from conception to success

In 2011, the first boat is presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival and responded to the sporty and chic yachting trend of the time. The first MEDs quickly seduced yachtsmen with its sleek design. The character of the boat and its fittings are unanimously recognized by the press and the public.

The first series of MEDs was built in Bahrain and was a great success with a dozen units sold.

Le bateau Med52 de MedYacht

Yacht Builder MedYacht

MED52: the new luxury yacht experience from MedYacht

In 2014, the MEDs is evolving and so is the manufacturing process. The boats are built in Poland, at the Galeon shipyard. The fact of having relocated the production to Europe has many advantages, including better follow-up and shorter distances. In this development logic, a new unit is designed: the MED52.

In an increasingly demanding and competitive context of the great Mediterranean opens, the will of MedYacht was to create a unit with a real identity: the MED 52. MedYacht has succeeded in imposing its style in a few years thanks to the design of the MED52 and its ultra-high performance hull signed by the French architect Gilles Vaton.

The MED52 retains the modern and elegant spirit of the MED line while optimizing the interior space and comfort level. The interior design has been given a stylistic boost with a variety of customization options. To date, more than 20 units of MED52 have been sold.

MED 52 & MED 42 excellence at sea and on board.

In 2021, MedYacht is developing its entry-level range with the arrival of the MED42 , with its impeccable quality and competitive price. The MED42 enters the coveted 42-foot It has benefited from the professionalism of naval architect Gilles Vaton and Italian designer Enrico Gobbi for the layout, design, lines and details. The MED42 has been designed to offer an exceptional cruising experience, taking its inspiration from the most luxurious boats on the market today.

Yacht Builder MedYacht

MedYacht, French engineering and design

MedYacht boats offer remarkable marine qualities and impeccable seakeeping. The boats produced under the MedYacht brand name incorporate a « WALK AROUND » concept that allows for easy movement on board, a meticulous finish with high-quality materials, and an inimitable style that is reminiscent of the finest shipbuilding.

All MED 42 and 52 engineering and design is carried out in France by RIVOYRE ingénierie. The boats are mass-produced and licensed exclusively by Galeon Shipyard in Poland for MedYacht. This process provides the MedYacht Group with an efficient, high-quality production line, enabling it to manufacture 42- and 52-foot models in large quantities.

Yacht Builder MedYacht

Information & Contact

MedYacht Marines de Cogolin

24 Quai de la Galiote

83310 Les Marines de Cogolin

E-mail : contact@med-yacht.com

Tél. : +33 (0) 4 94 56 00 61

MedYacht Saint-Tropez

69 Avenue du 11 Novembre 1918

83990 Saint Tropez

E-mail : contact@medyacht.com

Tél. : +33(0)4 94 45 20 84

MedYacht Marseille

47 Quai de Rive Neuve

13007 Marseille

E-mail : marseille@med-yacht.com

Tél. : +33 (0)4 91 54 23 99

Yacht Builder MedYacht

Interested in MedYacht boats?

The MED52 as well as the MED42 are available for rent in our Marine agencies in Cogolin and Saint-Tropez.

Découvrez notre flotte exclusive de bateaux de 20 à 80 pieds au départ des Marines de Cogolin et de Saint-Tropez.

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